The Limp Bizkit frontman reckons the movie "will help people understand the underdog"...

LIMP BIZKIT‘s FRED DURST has stepped into the debate over AMERICA’s problems with school violence, by making his filmmaking debut.

Tentatively titled ‘Runts’, the film will tell the tale of a high school outsider and, according to Durst, “will help people understand the underdog”.

The singer/music industry mogul recently told US website [url=] “Crazy things are happening that don’t need to be happening, and people are retaliating in the wrong way, This movie needs to happen now.

“There are so many movie studios that are scared to touch subject matter like this, but I think it’s real.”

Despite being in development for more than a year, the film is not likely to begin production until Hollywood’s actors’ strike is over, sometime in the autumn.

In his spare time, Durst has been working on videos for Staind , and Cold, two nu-metal bands on his own Flawless label, and has signed two new groups called Kenna and Puddle Of Mudd.