The band post a message of condolence to 15-year-old Jessica's family on their official website...

LIMP BIZKIT have responded to the news that the heart attack victim at the BIG DAY OUT festival in AUSTRALIA has died, posting a message of condolence on their official website.

The message on [url=] reads: “We are devastated that Jessica died, and really nothing can describe the sadness and anguish we’re feeling. We offer sympathy, prayers, and compassion to her family and friends. The loss of her life will impact ours forever.”

The victim, a 15-year-old known only as Jessica, suffered a heart attack when she collapsed during a crush at the Limp Bizkit show in Sydney last Friday (January 26). She had been in critical condition at Concord Hospital in the city since.

There are also unconfirmed reports from Australia this morning (February 1) claiming that following Jessica’s death, Bizkit’s Fred Durst telephoned her family to personally extend his sympathy.

Following the crush, Limp Bizkit withdrew from the remaining Big Day Out shows.

Fred Durst has also posted an individual message on the Bizkit website explaining the reason for the band’s withdrawal and lambasting what he saw as “shitty security”.

He said: “We pulled out of the Big Day Out shows because a a girl died at our show because of shitty security. We told the BDO security to make it better and they said to piss off.

“Two days later a girl died, a Limp fan. That’s bullshit. We’ll go back to Australia on our own terms with our own security requirements so everyone can enjoy themselves.”