It's claimed the band demanded "substantial, untested and radical changes" to security...

BIG DAY OUT organisers have expressed “relief” at LIMP BIZKIT’s decision to leave the AUSTRALIAN touring festival after the band demanded what they describe as “substantial, untested and radical changes” to security at the shows.

In a statement issued after the band’s decision to quit the tour halfway through the six-gig itinerary, following a crush on Friday (January 26) in which several people were hurt at the Sydney leg, festival’s promoters also defended their security and described Limp Bizkit’s set as being of “sufficient intensity to provoke unprecedented and ferocious crowd activity in front of the stage.” They further said that the band’s subsequent demands for changes to security had raised tension.

The statement reads: “The Big Day Out has a principal commitment to crowd safety and the security of all patrons. The measures proposed by Limp Bizkit were substantial, untested and radical changes to the existing structures and procedures in place for the show as understood by Australian safety authorities, including the police and planning bodies.

“Additionally, the changes would have required substantial revisions of existing safety protocols and the promoters were unprepared to introduce these measures at short notice and with little preparation for security staff.”

They continue: “Given the tension between the band and festival across a range of issues, the producers have expressed some relief at the departure of Limp Bizkit. Due to the impeccable safety record of the event over ten years and it’s successful history in dealing with the biggest bands in the world, producers can reassure patrons that their enjoyment of the event will be unaffected.”

The Big Day Out festival moved yesterday (January 28) to Melbourne, where bands and fans expressed mixed opinions over Limp Bizkit’s departure. Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme joked: “We personally got Limp Bizkit kicked off the tour, you can thank us for that,” to an appreciative roar from the crowd.

Groups of disgruntled Limp Bizkit fans wandered through the festival with t-shirts emblazoned with messages including “Limp Bizkit have gone Limp” and “Crumble on, Limp Bizkit”. Other fans carried roughly made placards criticising Sydney crowds for forcing them to miss out on seeing the band.

The Big Day Out next moves to Adelaide on Friday (February 2), with promoters promising 150 security guards and more than 50 ambulance volunteers.