Limp Bizkit pull out of the Big Day Out festival following yesterday's crowd surge...

LIMP BIZKIT have cancelled the remainder of their headline appearances at the BIG DAY OUT festival in AUSTRALIA following yesterday’s crowd trouble in SYDNEY.

The band issued a statement after a surge in the crowd resulted in several fans being hospitalised, one girl with a reported heart attack. The statement read : “We’d like to express sorrow over the injuries suffered by our fans during the Big Day Out concert.

“Concern for our fans’ safety and well-being is our first priority and to have people hurt during what is supposed to be an enjoyable and unifying experience affects us profoundly.”


Singer Fred Durst added :”We basically begged this guy [the promoter, Vivian Lees] to increase security measures and were told he has been doing the event for 10 years and that he knows what he’s doing and to leave him alone.”

Jeff Kwatinetz of the band’s management company The Firm also accused the organisers of sticking their head in the ground and refusing to believe that changes in the nature of audiences over the past few years necessitated a fresh approach to safety.

The promoters responded by pointing out that the safety measures were in line with authority and police guidelines and stated that Limp Bizkit’s demands were untried and impractical.

“Given the tensions between the band and festival across a range of issues, the promoters have expressed some relief at the departure of Limp Bizkit,” they concluded.

Local Australian band Powderfinger will headline the remaining dates of Big Day Out and it is reported that anyone wishing refunds on tickets due to Limp Bizkit pulling out will be accommodated.

The crowd situation at yesterday’s show follows last year’s tragedy at the Roskilde Festival and the decision to cancel this year’s Glastonbury festival for fear of injury to fans.