NME.COM can reveal that an estimated 35 people have been pulled from the crush, though the performance is continuing after a 15-minute break...

Over 30 LIMP BIZKIT fans have been hurt in a crowd crush during the band’s performance at the BIG DAY OUT festival in AUSTRALIA, NME.COM can exclusively report.

The band’s headline set at Sydney is continuing at present, while an estimated 35 people who had been pulled from a crush at the front of the stage are treated backstage. It is not known the number or extent of injuries.

NME.COM’s reporter at the festival saw one person having emergency heart massage performed on her by ambulance services after being dragged from the crush. It has since been confirmed that she suffered a heart attack. So far it is thought another three or four have been taken to hospital.

Police have issued a statement saying: “If we stopped the concert there would have been a riot. There was a swelling movement in the crowd, which caused it to collapse.”

The concert was stopped for 15 minutes, and the band continued their set at the request of police. As they resumed their set, the local fire brigade blasted the audience with water, to cool the crowd – a regular feature at festivals in Australia.

Eyewitness reports state that shortly before the crowd collapsed, Fred Durst was arguing with one member of the audience while the band played quietly in the background behind him. The show then stopped, but the band were asked to continue playing, and the gig is going ahead as normal at present.

We will bring further updates as we receive them.