Tempers are fraying on the Big Day Out tour in Australia...

PLACEBO and LIMP BIZKIT have fallen out on the BIG DAY OUT TOUR in AUSTRALIA, with FRED DURST accusing BRIAN MOLKO of being “out of his mind”.

Both Placebo and Limp Bizkit are playing on the Big Day Out festival touring Australia and New Zealand. Speaking to Rolling Stone in Australia following Placebo’s show at the Gold Coast (January 21), bassist Stefan Olsdal said he found “a lot of negativity in what they (Limp Bizkit) do”. He said: “When we played at the Gold Coast I found it a bad thing. There was a bad vibe coming off a lot of people in the audience – just knowing that they were there to see Limp Bizkit. At the same time, it might turn them onto us if they have a preconceived notion of who we are – that we are glammed-up poncy little dolls who can’t play rock – but then see us live and get into it.

“We’ve come to blows with them before. Limp Bizkit certainly don’t like us, they’ve made that perfectly clear once before. They said that they couldn’t believe that a band with only one good song could have such a high billing on a gig that we both played. I’ve never seen our manager so angry or that close to getting physical… I just think there is a lot of negativity in what they do, and I don’t think me being gay would endear me to [Fred Durst] either.”


Rejecting claims he is homophobic, Fred Durst told the magazine the feud began not in Australia, but in New York, when Placebo asked him to introduce them at a concert.

Durst said: “I was on the side of the stage and the singer [Molko] comes and pushes me and says, ‘Get the fuck out of here!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m just here ’cause I was asked to introduce you.’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t give a fuck who you are, get off my stage’ – or whatever the fuck he was saying. So I guess he didn’t know I was from Limp Bizkit and I was introducing him.

“So then I went up and introduced them and had the whole crowd chanting, ‘Placebo sucks!’ at their own show. And he said…all types of crazy shit. He was just really rude and all the people I know who have talked to him say he is really rude…so it wasn’t as if I’m the only one who has thought that.

“Regardless of how good a band they are, their singer is just out of his mind.”

Molko has also taken a swipe at fellow bill-mates Coldplay, describing their music as “disposable” and the sort of thing your granny would like.

Speaking to NME.COM as the tour kicked off, he said: “For people so young, they make music beyond their years and that’s really unfortunate. It’s easy to swallow and there’s a place for that kind of music, but it’s not my bag, it’s not my cup of tea.


“If you play a Coldplay record to your parents or grandparents they’ll probably like it, because they can whistle the tune, they’ll think it’s a nice song, but not because it is great.

“I don’t like music that is that …disposable either.”