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Limp Bizkit guitarist WES BORLAND has said his group are “a dumb rock band” and that people who didn’t like them before definitely aren’t going to change their opinions with the October release of the new album.

Speaking to [url=]www.rollingstone.com, Borland said: “Limp Bizkit is definitely a dumb rock band, as far as the fact that our songs are written in pop format.” However, he was also keen to point out that because of his taste in underground acts like Aphex Twin he can “bring some of that feeling into what we do, then we’re always going to be a step ahead”.

And in a glancing dig at acts such as Blink 182, who have been aligned into the sportz metal cachet alongside Limp Bizkit, the guitarist added: “I could name a hundred bands that are just playing this retarded music: ‘Hey, we’re going to play heavy E chords – to a beat!'”.

Limp Bizkit release their third album ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog-Flavored Water’ through Interscope on October 16. Borland insists it mark a return to the heaviness of ‘Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$’, their 1997 debut and has assured that though there is better songwriting on the record, adding: “If you didn’t like Limp Bizkit before, you still aren’t going to.”

Limp Bizkit will play the Main stage of the Reading and Leeds Carling Weekender (August 25 and 28) as well as a fan-only limited capacity show on August 29. To win tickets for the show, at a secret venue just outside London, click here.