Fred Durst will begin work on Nature's Cure as soon as Limp Bizkit finish promoting their forthcoming album...

Limp Bizkit frontman FRED DURST will finally go ahead with his long-mooted feature film directorial debut at the end of this year.

Durst will go into production with the US$10 million budget ‘Nature’s Cure’ as soon as Limp Bizkit finish the main promotional push behind their forthcoming album.

A UK spokesperson for Limp Bizkit told nme.com that Durst has been guided in his new role by Fight Club and 7even director David Fincher.


He added: “Fincher will remain as a consultant on the film. He has been giving Fred directing lessons and advice over the past few weeks.”

The spokesperson also revealed that the film would address American High School alienation.

He said: “It’s basically about a kid who gets picked on at school and who cracks and rebels against everyone and takes a gun to school. But I understand that’s its trying to put a positive spin on things and suggest that that’s not the way out.”

At present no cast members have been chosen for the feature.

The film will round off a very busy year for Durst. In August Limp Bizkit are scheduled to release ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water’, the follow up to the multi-million selling ‘Significant Other’ album. An extensive US and UK tour will follow throughout late summer and autumn.

Before then, on July 4 Limp Bizkit, supported by Cypress Hill, set out on their 24-date ‘Limpdependence’ tour. All dates, which will take in ten US cities, are free, thanks to US$1.8 million sponsorship from the lawsuit-loaded Napster company.