Guitarist Wes Borland's side project release their debut album in March. One song is called 'Mighty Penis Laser'...

LIMP BIZKIT guitarist WES BORLAND has unveiled the tracklisting for the debut album by his side project, BIG DUMB FACE, NME.COM can reveal.

Recorded over the last three years, the CD, ‘Duke Lion Fights the Terror’, is released in the UK on March 12, and the US on March 6 on Bizkit frontman Fred Durst’s Flawless record label. While the band’s full line-up is a mystery, Borland goes under the moniker The Tongue Of Colicab and his brother Scott is known as The Cardboard Urinal. Other bandmates include vocalist/guitarist friend Kyle, nicknamed The Three-Headed Demetiran Pup, and drummer Joe Couch.

The group are currently filming a video for ‘Duke Lion’, which will be the band’s first single.

The full tracklisting is:

‘Burgal Veist’

‘Duke Lion’

‘Kali Is the Sweet Hog’

‘Blood Red Head’

‘Space Adventure’

‘Fightin’ Stance’

‘Organ Splitter’

‘Mighty Penis Laser’



‘Voices In the Wall’

‘Right In Here’

The group has a US tour lined up between March 13 and April 13. As yet, no European dates have been announced.

Borland commented: “Everyone who ‘s heard it says, ‘You are way weirder than I thought.’ It’s a mix of Ween’s silliness with the sing-along triumphantness of Queen, with death metal, bluegrass and ‘Wizard Of Oz’ munchkin music. Really stupid music.”