Fred Durst's recurring throat problem causes yet more cancellations on the Anger Management jaunt...

A huge question mark hangs over the future of LIMP BIZKIT’s ANGER MANAGEMENT tour of NORTH AMERICA as the stuttering revue ground to a halt yet again with the cancellation of a weekend show (November 26), the fifth in a month.

Frontman Fred Durst’s ongoing throat problem has again been blamed for the cancellation.

The show, at San Diego’s Sports Arena, was to have been only the second with new-look tour party of DMX and Godspeed who replaced Eminem, Xhibit and Papa Roach for the first time two nights before at the Los Angeles Forum (November 24).

A spokesperson for tour promoter SFX told the US press yesterday that such was the condition of Durst’s throat, that tomorrow night’s (28 November) show in San Antonio Texas was still on hold.

Durst was first diagnosed with swollen vocal chords in late October forcing the tour’s first cancellation at Albany’s Pepsi Arena on October 24. His ongoing problems also caused cancellations of shows in Indianapolis, Vancouver, B.C and San Jose, California. Following the Vancouver cancellation on November 15, Durst hopped on a ‘plane to see a specialist in San Francisco, who passed him fit.

The gruelling tour, due to end with a Durst hometown show in Jacksonville, Florida on December 19, is Limp Bizkit’s second of the year following their Napster-sponsored arena tour earlier this summer.