They glorify their role in Woodstock riots...

Limp Bizkit have glorified their role in the Woodstock 99 riots on July 25 in the video for new single, ‘Rearranged’, released on November 15 through Polydor.

Directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, the video features the band behind bars, in court and drowned in an execution chamber amid footage of the riots and newspaper headlines.

In the chaos and violence that ensued on the last night of Woodstock 99, more than 120 people were hospitalised, seven people were arrested and there were numerous allegations of rape made.


Durst allegedly told the crowd: “The organisers asked us to ask you to mellow out – too many people are getting hurt out there. Don’t hurt anybody, but I don’t think you should mellow out.

“This is 1999 motherfuckers – stick those Birkenstocks up your ass.

“Ever have one of those days when everything’s fucked and you just want to break stuff? I want you to reach down and take all that negative energy and let that shit out – push it the fuck out.”

The band, who recently knocked Backstreet Boys off the top of the US album charts with their second album, ‘Significant Other’, lampoon critics who blamed Durst for inciting the crowds to riot.

Limp Bizkit have sold more than two million copies of ‘Significant Other’ in America but have yet to repeat that success over here.

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