Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst: ‘We’re working on the craziest metal record ever’

Singer promises big things from 'The Unquestionable Truth, Part 2'

Limp Bizkit‘s Fred Durst says that the band are currently working on the “heaviest” and “most crazy metal record” ever.

The singer, whose group recently signed a record deal with rapper Lil Wayne‘s label Cash Money, told Billboard that his new EP would be full of “mayhem and madness”.

Speaking about the record, which is yet to receive an official release date, he said:

[It’s going to be] the heaviest, most crazy metal record of all time. That will service our core and counter balance these big, fat, ginormous hip-rock songs we’re going to do. We’re gonna give out some mayhem and madness… to those people who really lean that way with us.

The frontman also spoke about the band’s new single with Lil Wayne, ‘Ready To Go’, which is set to be released next week. “It sounds like a monster; it literally sounds dangerous,” he said. “It sounds like that left of centre, that place of discomfort that created rock’n’roll, created the [heavy] metal, where it all spawned from.”

Durst added that there were provisional plans to release the track for free on the internet, adding: “”We want to let everybody know this is just an introduction, just a taste of what throwing these two dudes together for five minutes can do. Now that we’re living together, now that we’re married, we’ll see what happens when we start doing more. I’m very excited.”

Last week, Cash Money founder Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams revealed that Limp Bizkit would begin work on their first album for the label when they return from their current Australian tour. Limp Bizkit feature in our ’10 Worst Songs of the 90s’ blog. Read it here