Fred Durst previews new Limp Bizkit songs online

Durst reveals Gene Simmons has recorded intro for 'Gold Cobra'

Fred Durst gave fans a peek at the progress of Limp Bizkit‘s fifth album ‘Gold Cobra’ during a live webchat yesterday (November 24).

The singer played a number of tracks, including one the band have recorded with Wu Tang Clan rapper Raekwon.

Durst prefaced the track by saying, “You guys might not be able to handle it because it’s not rock shit. It’s some fuckin’ cock your fuckin’ gun shit.”

He referred to the tracks as “non-album tracks”, but the songs played were described as fairly complete in the recording process and may still be in contention for the record.

‘Gold Cobra’ is the first studio album the band have recorded since the return of original guitarist Wes Borland, who is in his third spell with the band.

Fans were also given a chance to hear the album’s intro, which was written by Durst and recorded by KissGene Simmons.

According to the intro reads: “The oh so element ‘Gold Cobra’. Shimmering venomously with beauty and grace as it slithers along its path to inevitable chaos. Whomever falls prey to this seductive serpent shall be forever scarred.”

‘Gold Cobra’ is expected to be released in early 2011.