Limp Bizkit man becomes film director

Fred Durst finishes shooting debut

Details have emerged of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst‘s first experience directing a film.

According to reports Durst, who had previously directed videos for his and other bands, has just finished shooting his debut feature ’The Education of Charlie Banks’.

Speaking about working with Durst, actor Chris Marquette said: “He was really personable and insanely calm. We did all our prep work and when we got to the set he just let it go. It was cool. His confidence was incredible.”

’The Education of Charlie Banks’ follows three New Yorkers played by Marquette, Jason Ritter and Jesse Eisenberg, who reunite at Vassar College after a turbulent youth.

MTV News reports that Durst was offered the chance to direct skateboarding film ’Lords Of Dogtown’, but turned it down.