The band are forced to take evasive action in the Polish city of Katowice...

LIMP BIZKIT had to pull a show in POLAND because of a “serious bomb threat”.

The group are currently on the road in support of their current album ’Results May Vary’. According to singer Fred Durst the band pulled the show at the eleventh hour after they were told by police the Spodek Sports Hall in Katowice had to be emptied.

He wrote on the band’s official website: “Last night we had a serious bomb threat at the venue in Katowice, Poland. Five minutes before we had to go on stage the chief of policia came into our dressing room with the promoter and told us someone called the police and said to evacuate the building in one hour.

“The policia said that he could not say if it there was a chance it was or was not going to happen. At that point I made the decision to evacuate the building and announce the problem to the audience. The policia and the promoter were very concerned there would be a riot. I am glad to say…the fans in Poland were very cool under these circumstances and were very respectful to authorities.

“We did not know what to think about the whole situation, but we are glad that everyone is safe. I am very sorry that happened to all of you in Poland. We will be back. We also have all the video footage of the promoter and chief of policia informing us of the bomb threat. We are working on cutting it together for you.

“Man, what the fuck is going on with our planet? Our societies? Our minds? It is a beautiful thing to be alive. if you get a chance try to reflect on the good things we have today. At least we have the life to reflect. Think about it. On the road again.”

The band come to the UK later this month (March 28-29) for gigs in London. For ticket availability, [url=]click here or call the NME Ticketline on 0870 1 663 663.