Limp Bizkit rubbish split rumours

And Fred Durst reckons his band have two albums in the can

Fred Durst has denied rumours that Limp Bizkit are set to split.

The frontman claims plans are in the pipeline for two albums.

He told MTV.COM: “Musically I don’t think we could be in a better place than we are right now. It’s an exciting time, definitely a time to make an impact with the unexpected.

“It felt good to go out there and sell 30 million records and come back and do something that we wouldn’t tell anyone about and feel like a real band again that was doing something just because we wanted to do it. Instead of Wes (Borland) coming back and, ‘Let’s shove everything down everyone’s throat’, let’s just do something for us.

Limp Bizkit are due to release their ‘Greatest Hitz’ on November 21 but Durst says he’s not overly happy with the compilation.

He explained: “A lot of times that throws the wrong signal out there. That’s sometimes a cash-in time for any artist out there, and they always come out at Christmas. So I don’t think any of us were ready for a greatest-hits record at this time, but it is what it is.”