The star pours his little heart out...

LIMP BIZKIT frontman FRED DURST has put paid to rumours circulating the net that the band are to split with an announcement that they will tour this year.

Speaking on the band’s official website Durst says the band is far from over.

He said: “Limp has done very very well for ourselves and our label and we would never leave and they would never dream of getting rid of us. It’s weird to hear silly sh*t like that from some poser with a keyboard.

Limp Bizkit is not breaking up for any reason. As a matter of fact something is getting ready to happen and things will be stronger than ever before. We are playing some TV show on May 11 then going on a US tour [at] the end of June, then writing a new album, then going to Europe.”

Durst also announced that the band’s next single will be ‘Almost Over’ due to a survey the band carried out with their fans. “I have taken this poll for a long time now , and the survey says ’Almost Over’, he wrote. “So there it is. Lets put some good ole Limp back in the mix. Radio is scared of songs that rock like that and we are not backing down.”

Durst also announced his decision to move his weblog from the band’s official website to Limp site,” Durst explained. “I made American Aliens a place specifically for that. … So just know Limp Bizkit is Limp Bizkit, and American Aliens is me and you. It’s not very hard to grasp.”

He also hinted that some new band news would be announced in the near future. “Big news coming soon from the Limp camp. I have a secret that is close to slipping out that you will love.”