The Limp Bizkit frontman also reveals the band will be releasing a remix album and DVD before Christmas...

FRED DURST says his version of ‘WHAT’S GOING

ON’ is sounding “pretty fucking tight”, as BONO

adds his vocals – and the LIMP BIZKIT frontman is also preparing to unleash a remix album and DVD on his fans.

In a studio diary on the official Limp Bizkit website,, a breathless Durst recalled the experience of speaking to Bono on the phone as the U2 singer contributed his vocals to the charity version of Marvin Gaye’s classic, which aims to raise money for the victims of the World Trade Center disaster.

“Bono did his vocals this morning from France over the Internet,” Durst writes, “and it sounds un fucking believable!! That man is a living legend. He has really tapped into the pulse of the world. It’s crazy for me to get calls at my home from ‘Bono from U2‘. It’s like, ‘Hello?’ ‘Hello Fred, it’s Bono.’ (Holy shit.) ‘Hey Bono, did you like the track?’ ‘It’s so real!

I hope you like what I did in the bridge.’ (He hopes I like what he did?) ‘I’m sure its off the hook…’ (He then plays me his vocals over the phone.) ‘Oh my God Bono, it’s absolutely perfect’. And that it was!! I can’t believe how good that man is.”

Durst added with a flourish: “Ooooh, by the way, we’re gonna put out a tight ass remix album and DVD for Christmas, called ‘Limp Remizkit’.” He promised “dope” remixes from DJ Premier, Timbaland , P Diddy, The Neptunes, William Orbit and himself, as well as guest vocalists including Bubbla Sparxxx and 8 Ball. The DVD, meanwhile, will be a collection of home movies chronicling the life of Limp Bizkit as well as remixed videos, secret hidden extras, screensavers and more. It will, predicts Durst, be “the illest DVD experience yet. We’re going next level awareness here.”

Durst’s version of ‘What’s Going On’

is one of five different retreads of the Gaye original. Proceeds will go to AIDS research and United Way’s September 11 Fund.