The controversially-named track is described as "so fucking heavy" by Fred Durst...

LIMP BIZKIT‘s new single will be called ‘CRACK ADDICT’, according to singer FRED DURST.

The band have been working without a guitarist following the departure of Wes Borland last year. In the sessions, singer Fred Durst has been playing guitar, as has bassist Sam Rivers.

Writing on the band’s official website, Durst said that he only had to finish the vocal part on four more songs and their new album ‘Less Is More’ will be complete.

“I’m in the studio just about to wrap up the vocals!! Only four songs away!!” he wrote. “Today Al Jourgensen from Ministry is in the studio with me and we’re gonna tear some shit up!”

Durst described ‘Crack Addict’ as “so fucking heavy”. The album is due later this year.