Wes Borland does not want to see innocent Muslim Americans take the blame for last week's terrorist atrocities...


BORLAND has appealed to fans not to embark on “racist” revenge attacks

on Muslims following last week’s terrorist strikes on the US.

Following the

terrorist activity in New York and Washington

last Tuesday (September 11), tension has risen between white and Muslim Americans,

with reports of violence on Muslims across the US.

Now, speaking in a posting

on the group’s official website,, Borland

has urged fans not to take “your anger out on people who had nothing to do with

these incidents”.

He wrote: “In the aftermath of the recent attacks on the

United States I have been hearing about numerous incidents of violence towards

Muslims and other ‘Middle Eastern Looking’ people. Not to say that all Muslims

are ‘Middle Eastern Looking’, but you get what I mean.

“I understand that

everyone is angry about what happened, but taking your anger out on people who

had nothing to do with these incidents is horribly wrong. These were not the

people who attacked us. No matter what people around you are saying about

someone, I urge you to think before you act.

“Remember that people by

themselves are smart, but those same people put into a large group can become

very stupid. Please try to understand that these are hate crimes against innocent

people who are your neighbours. This needs to be a time for reaching out to

others, not accusing them. Don’t be a racist. Don’t be a racist. Don’t be a