The band want to get around to finishing their long-delayed new album...

LIMP BIZKIT have pulled out of the DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL.

The group have been working on their new album, which now has a title ‘Panty Sniffer’, since the departure of guitarist Wes Borland. They recently announced the album will be put back until the autumn because they want to record with new guitarist Mike Smith.

As a result, the group will now not headline the Download event on June 1. A statement issued to NME.COM today from frontman Fred Durst reads: “Now there will be no more fuckin’ around!! We are in the vocal stage on the new shit!! We will have a single out before the Summer Sanitarium tour and our new album ‘PANTY SNIFFER’ will drop, FOR SURE, the first week in September!!!!!! Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of creativity and we’re doing just fucking that!! I love you and kiss my ass!!”

The festival’s promoter, Clear Channel Entertainment, added: “While we are disappointed to lose Limp Bizkit on Sunday at Download we still know that fans are up for the first ever full blown multi-day, multi-stage rock festival at Donington.”

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