Chicago punters are not happy that the band left the stage 17 minutes into a scheduled 90-minute set earlier this summer...

LIMP BIZKIT are the latest US rock band to be sued by their own fans.

Yesterday (October 8), 172 concert-goers collectively filed a class action complaint against the band and its corporate arm, Limp Bizness, in Cook County District Court, near Chicago, according to MTV.

The fans are suing after the band left the stage after 17 minutes for what was expected to be a 90-minute performance on the Summer Sanitarium tour on July 26 this year.

The fans are claiming $25 each for the Limp Bizkit portion of the ticket price, but if the plaintiffs are successful, all 40,000 concert-goers could be eligible for payment.

The suit also alleges that, before leaving the stage, singer Fred Durst let flow a tirade of sexually explicit and anti-gay insults to the crowd and the city of Chicago itself, and challenged members of the audience to a fight.

This latest action follows the defeat of a similar suit against Creed, whose fans sued them for delivering a substandard show, as reported on NME.COM earlier this year.

However, the fans’ attorney Michael J Young claims that the difference between the two cases is that where the Creed case was based on a question of opinion, that the show was shoddy, the Bizkit suit challenges the show’s length.