From now on, you'll only hear from the Limp Bizkit frontman via the band's official website...

LIMP BIZKIT frontman FRED DURST has vowed not to talk to the press again and has told fans the only information they need and can trust will be found on the official website.

In a long rant posted this week on (June 10), an enraged Durst has accused all media of being on a “Limp hating rampage'” throughout the current European tour and has promised that the “fire” this has given the band will appear on their new ‘post nuclear’ album.

The posting reads:

“There is so much hatorade being drunk out there. Every magazine, paper, band, etc is on a limp-hating rampage and it is really giving us the fire. We have to (sic) much built up inside and we wanna let it all out on the new album. We have to take you on a venture you’ve never been on before. Think ‘post nuclear’ and you’ll, maybe, see the landscape we are visioning. Unless you hear the news from us it’s probably somewhat deformed… We’ve cut off all press around the world. All we need to do is stay in tuned with you and where your head is at. We’ll make sure you get any info you need.”

Durst made the posting from his Manchester hotel room less than hour before he was due to take the stage at the city’s Evening News Arena.

A spokesperson for Limp Bizkit told NME.COM that there had been no official comment from Bizkit‘s management or record label about the proposed blackout.

In other news, reports that lawyers in Eminem‘s divorce case have been banned from speaking to the press by a US judge.

The matrimonial proceedings are scheduled to be concluded in October, and the ban will remain in place until then.

Eminem and his ex-wife Kim are currently involved in a wrangle over child support, with the rapper’s assertions that £100,000 a year was too high being disputed by his former wife.