But the band are still without a guitarist...

LIMP BIZKIT have decamped to a “tacky” house in BEVERLY HILLS to rehearse their new material.

The band are still without a full-time guitarist following the departure of Wes Borland last year.

Writing in his diary on the official Limp Bizkit website, , singer Fred Durst said that he has spent recent weeks with his new son Dallas, but rehearsals are set to resume.

He said: “I’m chillin in my hotel room making demo songs. I’ve been spending some valuable time with my son Dallas.

Limp Bizkit just set up to rehearse in a 70s house in Beverly Hills. It’s sooooo tacky. We love that. I think it was owned by the man who produced ‘Gone With The Wind’. Wild! It’s a pink house that hasn’t been touched since the 70s. We’ll see what vibe comes of it.”