The Limp Bizkit allegedly injured a lighting technician after throwing a microphone at her "in a fit of rage"...

A woman who sued FRED DURST for $5 million after claiming he threw a microphone at her “in a fit of rage” has settled the lawsuit, according to reports.

The suit dates back to an incident on the 2000 Anger Management tour, when Limp Bizkit were touring with Eminem. Lighting technician Connie Paulson claimed Durst threw a microphone at her “with no provocation” following a show in Birmingham, Alabama.

CNN reports that the 41-year-old claimed to have lost a tooth and suffered a broken nose and two black eyes. However, a settlement has been reached.

Durst’s attorney Ed McPherson said: “It was the result of an unfortunate accident. He felt terrible and visited her in the hospital. He never denied that he threw it.”