Limp Bizkit show cancelled over “possible chaos”

"Tonight’s show cancellation was not our decision. There was a safety concern and safety comes first"

The second date of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Still Sucks’ tour was cancelled over the weekend due to venue concerns about “possible chaos”.

The nu-metal group were meant to play in Florida on Saturday night (April 30) but shortly before doors, the gig was cancelled.

Taking to social media, Limp Bizkit wrote: “We are so sorry. Tonight’s show cancellation was not our decision. There was a safety concern and safety comes first.”


They followed it up by explaining “The promoters told us they were concerned there could be a safety issue that could result in possible chaos and injuries resulting in the cancellation of tonight’s show. Bummer.”

Fans have since speculated that it’s because the gig was going to be an all-seated affair.

Following the news, support bands Wargasm and Scowl played a free entry show at the nearby Las Rosas with Limp Bizkit taking to Instagram to reassure fans that tomorrow night’s show (May 3) would still be going ahead.



Limp Bizkit kicked off their ‘Still Sucks’ tour on Thursday (April 28) with Fred Durst starting the show sat in a recliner armchair, dressed in his new geezer look and singing ‘Dad Vibes’ while the end of the set saw a stage invasion during ‘Break Stuff’.

Last year, Limp Bizkit cancelled their ‘Limited Last Minute Post Pandemic Popup Party Edition’ tour over “safety concerns”.

Durst went on to say: “We are all in this together, and we all – individually and as a whole – have to make our best efforts to be as responsible and proactive as possible moving forward to combat and stop spreading COVID. I’m willing to do my part. Are you?”

Limp Bizkit are set to tour North America for the duration of May before heading to the UK for a run of dates this September – get tickets here.

However, the band have been criticised by fellow nu-metallers Snot for taking a rapper called $not on tour with them.

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