Lindsey Buckingham to kick off solo shows only days after Fleetwood Mac begin world tour

Are they going head to head?

Lindsey Buckingham has announced details of his US solo tour – and it kicks off only days after Fleetwood Mac begin their first live shows without him.

Buckingham was fired by Fleetwood Mac in April after he reportedly disagreed with the group over plans to focus on his solo career.

But while the rock icons are now continuing with Crowded House’s Neil Finn on vocals, it seems that they could be going head to head.


Fleetwood Mac will kick off their North American tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 3, while Buckingham begins at Portland’s Revolution Hall on October 7.

Although the dates between the two acts occasionally lap, there isn’t a scheduled instance where they will be playing in the same city on the same day.

Meanwhile, Mick Fleetwood recently opened up on the feud between Buckingham and the rest of the band, admitting that they “just weren’t happy”.

Obviously this is a huge change with the advent of Lindsey Buckingham not being a part of Fleetwood Mac”, he told Billboard.

We all wish him well and all the rest of it. In truthful language, we just weren’t happy. And I’ll leave it at that in terms of the dynamic.”


Describing the addition of Neil Finn and The Heartbreakers’ Mike Campbell and Finn to the group, he said: “We are a week into rehearsals and it’s going really well and we’re looking forward, in true Fleetwood Mac style.

“If you know anything about the history of this band, it’s sort of peppered with this type of dramatic stuff. It’s a strange band really.