That means no jumping around, screaming or, erm, wearing shorts onstage when they play there next month...

LINKIN PARK have been ordered by the MALAYSIAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND ARTS that they are not allowed to jump around, scream or wear shorts when they perform in the country next month.

The band are due to play on October 15 in Kuala Lumpur’s 50,000-seat Stadium Merdeka, though they have been hit with a list of rules and regulations they must obey.

Chester and co have been told that they cannot make any provocative gestures or speech, as well as wear any clothing or accessories that can be considered “obscene, linked to drugs or related to negative elements”.

The ministry said: “The government believes the performance will provide an alternative type of entertainment in Malaysia.”

The code of conduct also states “Male artists must cover their bodies from the chest to knee level. The artist must not display rough, raunchy actions that conflict with pure values, such as leaping around, screaming or throwing something from the stage to the audience.”