The band hope to release the official follow-up to 'Hybrid Theory' very shortly...

LINKIN PARK are on the verge of completing their new album – with an early 2003 release mooted.

The LP will be produced by Don Gilmore, who also produced group’s 2000 seven-times-platinum breakthrough ‘Hybrid Theory’. Since starting work on the record in the wake of this summer’s remix album ‘Reanimation’, the group have trimmed 15 songs down to 12, with vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda now finalising their parts.

“We’re almost done recording vocals and it’s super swell,” writes Bennington, posting as Chazzy Chaz on the band’s website www.linkinpark.com. “Mike and I have been putting in a lot of hours in the studio and it’s paying off. Working with Don [is] a lot of fun. I’m glad we decided to do this record with him as well.”

Bennington added, “It’s amazing how much has changed in the last two years. We owe it all to our fans, and we’ll show you how grateful we are by making this next record great.”