Safes look like being fitted into most studios to prevent tapes being nicked...

Recording studios are bumping up security in an attempt to stop leaks of albums before their release.

As the music industry looks at different ways to combat songs getting onto the Internet months before they hit the shops, recording studios in the US are being fitted with safes as one way of decreasing the chance tapes will be stolen. When Radiohead’s ’Hail To The Thief’ appeared online earlier this year, the band claimed the tracks were unfinished, sparking speculation the leak came from within a studio.

“There’s a safe now in every studio, and eventually we’re going to build those safes into the walls,” Kelly Garver, studio manager at NRG Recording Services in LA told Reuters. “We are designing a new studio with safes built right into the floor.”

Her studio was used for the recording of Linkin Park’s ‘Meteora’, where a firm were brought in to oversee studio security.

She continued: “It really became an issue with the Linkin Park album, because they were so concerned about security. It brought it to our attention. This is clearly very important now, and we need to take steps for all of the artists that are coming in.”