Chester Bennington is now working on the band's next video...

[url=]LINKIN PARK frontman CHESTER BENNINGTON has recovered from the mystery illness that saw him hospitalised, and filmed a full day of scenes for the group’s next video last week in LOS ANGELES.

Bennington was admitted to hospital on May 30, after being struck by intense back and stomach pains for nine days. Doctors told the vocalist not to sing until at least June 24.

The band are to release the video alongside their next single, though its title remains unconfirmed. [url=]Linkin Park’s DJ, Joseph Hahn, is directing, after working on the ‘Somewhere I Belong’ video. Concept footage was shot in Prague before Bennington was taken ill and the band were forced to cancel their European tour.

According to MTV News, a spokesperson for the group said that the singer still suffers from stomach problems, after a virus or bacteria infected his intestines and spread through his body.

[url=]Linkin Park played their only warm-up show before the Summer Sanitarium Tour, last Friday (June 27) at the Boost Mobile Pro Skateboarding Competition in Las Vegas.The band have also begun planning a combination DVD/CD due out in November.