The boy who killed two schoolmates in San Diego this week is revealed as being a fan of the nu-metallers...

LINKIN PARK have been implicated in the Californian school shooting which took place on Monday (March 5) when 15-year-old CHARLES ‘ANDY’ WILLIAMS opened fire on his SANTANA HIGH schoolmates, killing two and wounding 13.

A friend of Williams has appeared on the ‘Today’ show on NBC in the States saying that Williams was a fan of the band. He also said the teenager, who it is claimed sought revenge for being bullied, was influenced by three tracks from the band’s million-selling debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’ – ‘One Step Closer’, ‘Papercut’ and ‘In The End’.

Linkin Park have issued a statement about the tragedy saying simply: “Like everyone else, we are extremely saddened by these events and our hearts go out to the families and friends of the victims.”


It is the first time a direct link has been drawn between music and school violence since Marilyn Manson was named as an influence on the youths who carried out the Columbine school massacre in April 1999, killing 13 fellow pupils.

In a recent interview with Wall Of Sound website ([url=] ), Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson addressed the topic of the band’s lyrics, which are written by vocalist Chester Bennington and MC Mike Shinoda.

“We’re definitely dealing with really dark themes,” he said. “But I think that’s what’s positive. When I was growing up, music was always really important in my life. If I ever had a problem, I’d sit in my room and listen to music and I’d feel like, ‘Hey, I’m not alone, I can relate to these other groups that are feeling this way, and they’d make me feel OK.’

He added: “There’s a misconception that angry music is going to make someone angry. I think it’s cathartic, and I think that a lot of kids who do have problems, they can relate to the lyrics and can go, ‘Oh, it’s OK to feel that way. I’m not uncool if I feel insecure.'”