Linkin Park discuss making of debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’ to mark its 15th anniversary – listen

Member Mike Shinoda appeared on the Radio 1 Rock Show to celebrate the milestone

Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda has recounted the oral history of the band’s debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’, which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The massive-selling ‘Hybrid Theory’ came out on October 24, 2000. It reached Number Four in the UK charts and has since sold over 1,500,000 copies in the UK and 10,222,000 copies in the US.

Appearing on the Radio 1 Rock Show, Shinoda described the band as just “kids” writing music in their parents’ houses before the album’s recording and release.

Prior to the album’s recording, Shinoda says that the band played for “every major label and most of the indies in LA” and each had rejected them. He said that this made the band “ready to fight for it” when entering the studio.

The rapper and guitarist explained how recording the album was a learning curve for frontman Chester Bennington, who had recently joined the band and was “still green and imitating his favourite singers”.


Shinoda said that Bennington had never screamed in a song before Linkin Park and that they had to loan him CDs to get tips on how to do it. He eventually found it “fun to let all that energy out” when screaming, Shinoda added.

Shinoda also revealed how the song ‘One Step Closer’ was written about the person who signed the band to Warner Bros, after he tried to convince Bennington to leave the band and go solo.

Listen to the full interview with Shinoda on Radio 1 below.