Linkin Park make ‘grown up’ album

Rick Rubin puts the six-piece on a prog path

Linkin Park have unveiled details of their third studio album, declaring the follow up to 2003’s ‘Meteora’ to be more “grown-up” than their previous effort.

The band have joined forces with Red Hot Chili Peppers producer Rick Rubin for their third LP, which sees the six-piece take a more prog rock approach.

According to singer Mike Shinoda they originally had 100 songs for their as-yet-untitled LP, which they have so far cut down to 18.


“There is an element to the album that will be familiar to people simply because it’s the same guys making the music,” he told Billboard. “But at the same time, these guys have grown up quite a bit, and we definitely have a different mind state about making songs.

“I feel like we did what we wanted to do with ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’, and now it’s time to step outside the box and try something new.

He went on: “The thing about Rick that I love is he’s unpredictable. He’ll listen to a song and throw out an idea that seems completely out of nowhere, but it makes a lot of sense and it makes the song better. The Moog (synthesizer) has been sitting in the studio since day one.”

Aside from the album, which is due for release next year, Shinoda has been keeping himself busy with an art exhibition in Los Angeles.

‘Diamonds Spades Hearts Clubs’ opens this Sunday (November 19) at Gallery 1988, and will feature 10 paintings he did for ‘The Rising Tied’, the 2005 debut by his side project, Fort Minor.