Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington breaks ankle during basketball game – watch

The injury led to the cancellation of the band's tour

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has suffered an injury whilst on tour.

Captured on film and uploaded to the band’s official YouTube account, Bennington is seen breaking his ankle during a basketball game, an injury that led to the cancellation of Linkin Park’s tour.

Bennington said of the incident: “If I tripped, I would not have broken my ankle. [laughs] I probably would have probably just kicked the bottle over, or tripped. I actually was playing basketball and went up for a lay-up and came down on top of the water bottle.”

Watch the incident in the video below.

The nu-metal band last toured the UK during November 2014, playing shows in London and Manchester.

Bennington recently claimed that outdoor festivals are ruining live gigs. Watch the video below. Speaking to NME, the singer said that he prefers playing indoors at the band’s own shows as opposed to bigger, open-air gigs.

“Rock’n’roll is not meant to be played with the sun shining on your face,” he says. “It can be done, but it’s done begrudgingly. Inside. Dark, lights, controlled environment. Always better.”