Linkin Park name new album

'Minutes To Midnight' is released in May

Linkin Park are set to release their new album ’Minutes To Midnight’ on May 14.

The album will be the first new material from the band since 2003’s ’Meteora’.

Frontman Chester Bennington declared the LP would change the way people think about the band.

He said: “What people have known Linkin Park as, and how they will know them as when they first hear the album … that’s going to change. The way we’ve been classified, and how people think they know us, that’s all going to die.”

Speaking about the concept behind the album he told MTV News: “The title is a reference to the Doomsday Clock, which was created by these scientists at the University of Chicago after the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Japan to end World War II.

“Given the idea that mankind now had this ultimate destructive power, they were contemplating what the repercussions of this would be and the idea and the idea that the end of the world could be imminent.”

Bennington also had high praise for the new track ’The Little Things You Give Away’, saying it was “the pinnacle of what we can achieve as a band…(it will) touch people in a way Linkin Park haven’t touched people before… It’s a huge explosion of sound, over six minutes long, and it’s truly, completely amazing. And I can’t wait for people to hear it”.

The album is co-produced by band member Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin.

A release date has yet to be confirmed.