The nu-metallers want to show there's always been a dance element to their angst...

LINKIN PARK are set to release a remix album of material from their multi-million selling debut ‘HYBRID THEORY’ early next year.

Handsome Boy Modelling School’s Prince Paul, Dilated Peoples’ Evidence and hiphop producer The Alchemist are amongst those already signed up to remix.

“We’ve always been into remixes,” Linkin Park DJ Joseph Hahn told MTV. “We talked about doing something like this even before we were signed. We handpicked them ourselves. Other bands have done stuff like this before, and you can just tell their label picked whoever the hot DJs were. We come from the DJ perspective, and we put a lot of thought into who we wanted. We got a good mix of hiphop and electro.”

‘Hybrid Theory’ has sold over six million copies worldwide in the 11 months it has been on sale. The remix album has a provisional release date of January 2002.

Meanwhile, the band are working on songs for the follow-up to ‘Hybrid Theory’, and are looking towards March as a date to begin recording.

They release new single ‘In The End’ on October 8 in the UK.