Chester Bennington's illness may have been caused by a parasite...

LINKIN PARK‘s CHESTER BENNINGTON has been released from hospital.

As reported on NME.COM, Bennington had apparently just got out of bed late last month (May 30) when he was struck with severe back pain and spasms. He was taken to hospital in Los Angeles.

According to MTV news, doctors have undertaken a series of tests and believe a parasite or an intestinal disorder was the cause for his collapse.

Speaking before his release, bandmate Mike Shinoda said the exact diagnosis was something of a mystery.

“They did an MRI. It’s not in his head, it’s not in his brain,” he said. “They’ve tested everything and narrowed the area down to his lower abdomen they say that that’s a place where it’s hard to get a diagnosis by.”

He added, “You know they can put cameras to check your stomach, they can check your lower areas, but that lower abdomen is a place where they can’t really send anything in there so they have to just do these scans and tests.”

In an interview with Los Angeles-based radio station KROQ, he concluded: “(The doctors) know they can get the thing that’s going on in his upper stomach handled in a couple of days, and that will require surgery.

“Then the thing below, they’ve got to figure that thing out, before they can do the other surgery so to cut a long story short, he’s definitely going to be in town for the rest of the month.”

Shinoda also appealed to fans who are trying to inquire about the singer to send messages via the band’s website, [url=], instead of trying to make contact with him directly.

He pleaded, “Hopefully we can all remind people that he’s not just the guy from Linkin Park – he’s a human being who’s really sick right now so he needs some privacy and family time.”

Twelve European dates have been cancelled, starting with a June 7 performance in Germany.

The band are also due to make headline performances at the Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds from August 22-24.