The lyrics of Linkin Park’s ‘One More Light’ helped save a man from suicide

A woman used the lyrics to stop him from jumping off a ledge

A woman from Orlando, Florida helped dissuade a man from taking his own life after she quoted him lyrics from the Linkin Park song ‘One More Light’. 

Healthcare worker Cristina Settanni was driving down an expressway on the way to work when she noticed a lone man perched at the edge of the bridge. According to Click Orlando, Settanni initially drove past him, but then decided to pull over and approach him.

“I didn’t really think about stopping, but I thought as I saw him in my rear-view, I probably should stop, especially since no one else did,” Settanni told Click Orlando in an interview. “I stopped because I’ve been where he is. So I know what it’s like. He needed somebody to show that somebody cared, and tell him he didn’t need to do that today.” 

That’s when she sat down beside the man and consoled him by reciting a line from ‘One More Light’: “Who cares if one more light goes out/ Well, I do.” 

“I didn’t know if [the song] clicked with him, but he just cried,” Settanni said. A police officer arrived on the scene soon after and helped pulled the man to safety. He was later brought to a mental healthcare facility. You can watch a video of the moment, captured by a police officer, below:

‘One More Light’ is the title track of Linkin Park’s latest album, which was released two months before frontman Chester Bennington took his own life in July 2017. The song was turned into a single following his death. The band have not put out new music since.

In February, Bennington’s bandmate Mike Shinoda discussed the possibility of recruiting a new vocalist for the band, saying it would have to “happen naturally”. Bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell also suggested that Linkin Park could release new music at some point in the future.