Linkin Park release ‘In The End’ demo ahead of ‘Hybrid Theory’ anniversary

Ahead of the 20th anniversary reissue of the seminal 'Hybrid Theory'

In October, Linkin Park are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough debut record, ‘Hybrid Theory’, with an expansive reissue of the album set to be released on October 9.

‘Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition’ will be available in several configurations, including Super Deluxe Box, Vinyl Box Set, Deluxe CD, and digitally. It will include 12 previously unreleased tracks from the early naughties, an 80-page book, a cassette reproduction of a two-track street team sampler, lithographs, a replica tour laminate, and a poster of the late Chester Bennington, as well as several demos.

The demos include the interesting early take on the band’s smash hit ‘In The End’, which Linkin Park premiered yesterday (October 1).


The ‘In The End’ demo was released as ‘The Untitled’ prior to the release of ‘Hybrid Theory’ in 2000, and resurfaced online in 2009 before being released as part of the fanclub-only LP ‘Underground 11’ in 2011.

Bennington’s vocals remain largely the same but the verse lyrics, as well as rapper Mike Shinoda‘s lyrics and style, are distinct from the final version.

In the booklet for the LP, Shinoda – who recently shared a video of himself unboxing the monstrous deluxe box set – wrote, “These were the original verse lyrics that I wrote for this song, and the original melody in the bridge.

“I remember putting this together in our rehearsal studio on Hollywood and Vine [Los Angeles], working overnight in a room with no windows. I had no idea what time of day it was; I just slept when I was tired, and worked on this song until it took shape.

“The first guy to hear it was Rob [drummer Rob Bourdon], who told me (I’m paraphrasing) that this was “exactly the kind of song he wanted us to write.”

Listen to the ‘In The End’ demo below:


The new drop comes just a few days after Linkin Park finally caved to fan’s demands and announced that a previously unreleased fan favourite rarity, ‘Pictureboard’, will feature on ‘Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition’.

Shinoda confirmed the news during a Linkin Park virtual press junket, saying “Fans have known about ‘Pictureboard’ for about 19 or 20 years. They’ve known of the existence of it, but didn’t know at all what it sounded like.”

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