Lisa Lashes pleads guilty after being found with two tablets at Auckland Airport...

Hard house DJ LISA LASHES has been fined $1,000 in a NEW ZEALAND court after being found in possession of two ecstasy tablets at AUCKLAND AIRPORT.

The DJ was travelling to play at a party held by the Bournemouth based club Slinky when Customs officials discovered the tablets in her record box.

“Lisa has warned DJ’s to always check their record boxes,” said her label Tidy Trax in an official statement. “Lisa does not take drugs but fans often give them to her at gigs which she later throws away. She has asked fans to stop doing this. She had no idea the ecstasy was in her DJ box as she travelled from the UK via Malaysia to New Zealand.”


Lashes – real name Lisa Dawn Rose-Wyatt – gave a blood test which proved negative, and despite her guilty plea, she was not given a criminal conviction. The judge reasoned that such a conviction would hinder her ability to work, and ordered her to pay $500 to the Salvation Army and $500 to the prosecuting authorities as punishment.

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