Friends and family speak at an emotional service...

The funeral service for LISA ‘LEFT-EYE’ LOPES has ended, with family and friends speaking of the star’s life and death.

The late singer’s funeral took place earlier today (May 2) at the massive New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, a suburb of Atlanta.

The service was attended by over 10,000 fans and a number of eminent musicians including the surviving members of her group TLC, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and legendary boss of Death Row records Suge Knight.


The service saw emotional readings from Lopes’ mother who read a poem, and brother Ronald, who spoke of his sister’s passing following a fatal car crash in Honduras (April 25).

According to the local Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper, he commented: “I was holding her head and her hand waiting for the first signal of a pulse. I just kept hearing Lisa in my head: ‘Energy doesn’t die, it just transforms’. She had an understanding of life. She knew the essence of life and she wanted to teach everybody. That’s what comforts me.”

Other family, friends, and religious leaders spoke at the service. Gospel duo Mary Mary performed live.

After the service was completed, the family and close friends travelled to the nearby Hillandale Memorial Gardens, where a private burial took place.