And the remaining members of the group vow to carry on without Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes...

The body of late R&B star LISA ‘LEFT-EYE’ LOPES, who was killed in a car crash in HONDURAS, will be flown back the US this week.

As previously announced, the 30-year-old member of the trio TLC was on holiday when the accident happened (April 25).

A spokesperson for the US Embassy told the Reuters news service that her body will be flown home, probably to Atlanta, around the middle of next week, after an autopsy has been carried out.


Spokesman Gregory Adams said: “The autopsy needs to be completed, so it will be Tuesday or Wednesday when the remains of Lisa Lopes leave for the United States.”

The probable causes of death were fractures and internal injuries. The car she was driving is thought to have spun off a road in the north of the country. Lopes was reportedly with seven other occupants in the car but was the only fatality.

The hometown Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper reports that a funeral service will take place on Thursday this week (May 2), although locations are currently unconfirmed.

Surviving member Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas told the paper that TLC will continue, and not replace Lopes.

She said: “I know that Lisa would not want us to stop, so TLC is not over. As for Lisa being replaced – never. You can’t replace a TLC girl. The chemistry we have is something God gave us. You can’t put that together.”

The group recently completed recording of their fourth album, which was scheduled for release later this year.