Listen to A$AP Rocky’s new song, ‘5IVE $TAR$’

He also teased "TESTING COMING SOON"

A$AP Rocky has shared a new song called ‘5IVE $TAR$’.

The rapper teased the new track on his Instagram story earlier this year with the caption: “Testing?”

Now, Rocky has released the full track, which appears to feature a cameo from D.R.A.M., as Billboard reports. Underneath the song, the Soundcloud page reads: “TESTING COMING SOON”. ‘Testing’ is believed to be the name of the rapper’s third album.

Listen to ‘5IVE $TAR$’ below.



Last year, Rocky confirmed that Skepta will feature on his forthcoming album.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the Harlem rapper said: ““[I’ve] been working a lot with my boy Skepta, just exchanging energy and vibes in a brotherly way.” He also proclaimed his love for grime, saying: “All that stuff, all those guys, I’ve been on that stuff for some time, I think it’s cool.”

Speaking about the recording process, Rocky also disclosed that he’d been working on the album in London recently.

“It’s just special to me for some reason,” he said. “I’m just… I express myself way better when I’m in an environment that allows me to be. When I’m here, for the most part, I’m in a peaceful, creative environment and I’m testing the waters and making new music, messing around with new sounds and anything that’s innovative.”