Listen to The Avalanches’ new song with Freddie Gibbs

The band recently appeared to confirm they'll be playing Glastonbury 2017.

The Avalanches have shared two separate versions of ‘Bad Day’, a previously unreleased track featuring rapper Freddie Gibbs.

The band described one version as the “OG version” and the other as an “alt mix” that they consider a “rough Christmas jam”. Listen to both below.


Shortly before Christmas, The Avalanches seemingly confirmed in a series of tweets that they will be playing Glastonbury 2017, Coachella 2017 and several other festivals next year.

However, they later deleted every tweet relating to their 2017 festival schedule – check out screen-grabs here.

The Australian dance band returned this summer with a new album called ‘Wildflower’, their first since 2000’s ‘Since I Left You’.

In July, they were forced to postpone their overseas festival shows because band member Tony Di Blasi was advised against travelling abroad due “to a medical condition requiring treatment in Australia”. The nature of the medical condition wasn’t specified.

Next month, they’ll return to touring with a series of lives shows in their native Australia.


Another band member, Robbie Chater, revealed earlier this year that he had also battled ill health while the band were out of action in the noughties.

Chater said: “There were three years in the mid-2000s when I was really unwell. I was diagnosed with a couple of separate autoimmune diseases, so I was out of action.”