Listen to Beth Ditto recite Frank Ocean’s poem ‘Boyfriend’

The singer read Ocean’s poem from his 'Boys Don’t Cry' zine on BBC Radio 6 music this week

Beth Ditto recited Frank Ocean’s poem ‘Boyfriend’ during an appearance on BBC Radio 6 music this week.

You can listen to the recital below.

Ditto hosted a two-hour show on the radio station on Friday 28 July for the station’s ‘Loud and Proud’ weekend.


After playing Ocean’s hit ‘Thinkin Bout You,’ from his seminal album ‘Channel Orange’, Ditto commented on the rarity of hearing a major artist discussing same sex relationships in a song.

She said: “Despite the rising visibility of queer singers, it’s not that common to hear a major mainstream artist acknowledge same sex love in a song, or in Ocean’s case, a poem.”

Ditto then read out the poem that first appeared in Ocean’s limited edition ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ zine, which was released last year.

The singer also discussed the 2015 Supreme Court hearing that provided the inspiration for the poem and meant Ditto was able to marry her girlfriend.



Earlier this year, Beth Ditto released her debut solo album ‘Fake Sugar’, which featured track ‘We Could Run’.

Last year, Ditto launched a plus-size clothing line with designer Jean Paul Gaultier and legally married her partner Kirstin Ogata 17 months after their initial wedding ceremony.