Listen to Big Shaq’s Christmas version of ‘Man’s Not Hot’

It's the Christmas miracle we were all waiting for...

Big Shaq has returned with a very festive version of the song that first propelled him to internet stardom earlier this year.

The rapper and comedian, real name Michael Dapaah, has released a ‘Christmas Edition’ of Man’s Not Hot – and he’s provided the track with a suitably festive twist.

Alongside the now iconic shouts of ‘Take Off Your Jacket’, Dapaah has added the distinctive sound of sleigh bells to create the unlikeliest addition to any festive playlist.


Check it out below, via Spotify.

‘Man’s Not Hot’ originally turned into a viral sensation after it was released earlier this year – with the song being quoted by Jeremy Corbyn and also referenced in the House of Commons.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, Shaq also explained how the track had been inspired by his own lifestyle.

“Boom, basically – everywhere I go I wear my jacket babes – do you know what I’m sayin?”, he said.

“So it’s like, it’s just me telling my story. It doesn’t matter where I am, what I do, whether I’m in the sauna, whether I’m on the beach, whether I’m with my girl at the spa – man’s never hot. It’s that simple. It’s not really a story – it’s a lifestyle.”