Listen to Blink-182’s ‘Feeling This’ and ‘The Rock Show’ reimagined in a synth-pop 1980s style

Blink-182 as you've never heard them before

A new video has emerged of Blink-182’s ‘Feeling This’ re-imagined into a 1980’s style song with retro sounding synths.

The re-imagining, made by YouTube user ‘MartyCan Fly’ can be heard here:


One YouTube user asked the video’s creator to “make a full blink one 80’s 2 album now” and another declared the video “genius”.

You can listen to the 1980’s re-working of ‘The Rock Show’ here:

Meanwhile, Blink-182 recently said that their next album will “go off in completely weird directions” according to their bassist Mark Hoppus.

The follow-up to the trio’s 2016 album ‘California’, which was the first Blink album to feature new member Matt Skiba, is currently in the works.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Hoppus spoke of his desire to “push it” in terms of the sonic direction of the band’s new material.


“After playing in this band for 27 years, I want to push it and do different things and take blink to places where we haven’t been before,” he said. “We’re really trying to do that on the new record. We want to do with our band what we did in 2003 with ‘Blink-182’, where we take our foundations and go off in completely weird directions.”

Hoppus confirmed that the band are currently writing material for the album, revealing that they’re “in the studio all the time”.

“That’s the thing, our main bands are our main focus and will always be,” he said. “We all have our outside interests and our outside things, but we’re pretty straightforward with one another; blink really is everybody’s priority and that’s understood among all of us.”