Listen to ‘Why Are We So Broken’, the new track from Steve Aoki and Blink-182

Two old friends join forces...

Steve Aoki and Blink-182 have teamed up on ‘Why Are We So Broken’, the latest track to be taken from the EDM giant’s new album. Listen to the track in full below.

The collaboration between Aoki and the pop-punk legends emerged after a friendship of 15 years with drummer Travis Barker. It’s included on ‘Neon Future III’, Aoki’s fifth album which is released today.

“I’ve been friends with Steve for over 15 years… doing a song with Steve and my band just came so easy”, Barker told NME of their collaboration.


“I think this song is a good balance between Steve Aoki and Blink 182. Enjoy it.”

The latest release from Aoki comes after he teamed up with BTS on ‘Waste It On Me’, their first full song in English.

“We’re happy for this meaningful and heartfelt collaboration. The song is just so amazing, we really enjoyed working on it. It’s our first song that is entirely in English. It was refreshing and fun to record the song. We hope this would be a good present for our fans”, BTS said of the track.

Meanwhile, Travis Barker was recently given a clean bill of health which means he can return to the band’s Las Vegas residency. The drummer suffered a series of blood clots and experienced nerve damage in the wake of an accident in July, when a bus collided with his SUV.


He is reportedly suing the bus driver and the bus company over the incident, while his complaint also targets a Santa Monica medical centre. Barker says he developed a staph infection as a result of employees using a dirty needle while treating his injuries from the accident.

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