Listen to Georgia Twinn’s new “break-up banger” ‘Matty Healy’

"I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin Matty or The 1975 for me"

Georgia Twinn has today released a new single ‘Matty Healy’ – you can listen to it below.

The single, taken from Twinn’s debut EP ‘Talk’, was inspired by a “previous relationship where Georgia’s boyfriend bore an uncanny resemblance to The 1975 frontman,” according to a statement.

The single follows two other releases, ‘You Shouldn’t Have Fucked With Me’ and its follow up ‘I Don’t Mind’.


You can listen to the new song here:

Speaking about the new single, Twinn said: “I was inspired by quite a negative person in my life who I was in ‘love’ with.”

“[And] they’d always say they looked better than Matty Healy and I was like  ‘no!!!’ because I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin Matty or The 1975 for me when they’d eventually break my heart lol. And that’s exactly what happened. This is one of a few break-up bangers I have on the way”.

Speaking about her debut EP to Notion back in February, Twinn said: “Most of the songs on the EP I wrote a long time ago when I first was getting into the music industry. A fair few on the EP were actually from my very first session.

“A lot of them are [written] with Lovesick, they were the first people I wrote with properly. From that first session, we just clicked and things got going straight away. But we’ve had to wait quite a while, [the EP] was supposed to be out last year but obviously, the big pandemic happened so I’m super excited for it to be coming out finally. I’m just eager to see people’s reactions to the songs.”


Recently, Charli XCX revealed that she has collaborated with The 1975 and No Rome.
The pop star announced on February 28 that she was “forming a supergroup” with the aforementioned Dirty Hit acts, saying that she was “v excited” about the joint project.